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Our company, thanks to his experience of 30 years, he had the opportunity to be known and appreciated both in the territory where it operates as in other parts of Italy. Several newspapers industry have, on several occasions, reviewed our structure, signaling with as one of the most interesting nursery companies.

But more than any other reference is clients who speaks well of our work, is it that you are targeting and therefore it can only be a referee. The experience and customer care make our Garden Centres a solid reality.

Administrative Sector

The Oliva Cosimo Garden Centres were founded in the first half of the eighties with the intention of providing a product with high quality standards. The company, over the years, has been able to establish itself as a leader in the industry by extending its reach far beyond its territorial limits. Among the peculiarities of the company is one of a interesting branch of export in the countries of Eastern Europe, conferring us an international dimension. Currently headed by  dr. Ada Lopatriello, at the helm of the company since the beginning of Activity, The Administrative organization provides to its customers an excellent service, located at the top of plant nursery sector. In reference to the evolution occurred in the company over time, are to highlight the improvements and the grow-ups that have marked the development of infrastructure, including technology, that lead today our organization, to be considered a must for most demanding customers

Our Products

The products handled
by our Company are mainly those which fall within the range of vegetables. Our know-how indeed provides an excellent performance in this regard. On special request we can take care of special varieties of vegetables thus satisfying even the most demanding requirements. To be specific our company treat two distinct special branches, namely:




The Company Garden Centres Oliva Oliva di Cosimo has implemented several years the production of vegetable plants grown according to the guidelines of Organic Agriculture (REG. CEE 2092/91 AUT. D.M. M.R.A.A.F. N.9697232 of 30-12-90).



Our Work

The Oliva Cosimo Garden Centres pays particular attention to the methodical work of its staff and those who are responsible for the growth of the product. The only technology indeed is not enough to ensure the final result. For this reason, through all stages of processing ranging from insemination in the downsiders through a careful mixture of peat, through the best coupling systems, to the care of the product in its growth phase till to canning and transport, everything is followed carefully. The strict procedures that our Company has chosen to impose itself allow us to control every step of the delicate process that transforms the seed in a very high quality product.

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